• 2016Q1 Steering Committee Update

    Following the 2016Q1 meeting of the steering committee, a number of proposed changes from the community were discussed and integrated into CCSS. The following topics were addressed in this update:

  • General tweaks to wording

    Added a variety of small tweaks to clarify some points of the standard. A few instances of “privacy” were replaced by “confidentiality” where appropriate.

  • ChangeLog System Added

    Commit history is a great tool but it doesn’t always allow us to tell the entire story, or easily access it. Now, when submitting changes to the CCSS, we suggest that you include a post like this one describing the changes, outlining the reasoning for the change, and the impact it may have on established environments.

  • Added PBKDF2 as Described in BIP39

    1.03 Key Storage aspect was expanded to allow for Password-Based Key Derivation as an alternative to storing the key in an encrypted state. With Password-Based Key Derivation, the seed can be stored unencrypted as the password used to derive the key from the seed would accomplish the same as a passworded encryption layer on top of the seed.

  • Initial Draft Released

    After months of initial effort, the draft document that outlines the CryptoCurrency Security Standard has been converted into this public repository and released to the world for review and collaboration.

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